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I am a landscape and wildlife photographer, a native Californian, and a resident of Truckee, California. I am a co-owner of Mountain Arts Collective in Downtown Truckee. While I have had the opportunity to travel and make photographs in many countries, I enjoy shooting in my local environment the most. Photography provides a way for me to more deeply connect to my surroundings and to share my vision with a wider audience. I'm a student of photography and several conservation photographers – past and present. I pursue strong subjects, unique perspectives, natural lighting, and natural tones.

My photographs have been featured in:

Pacific Horticulture Magazine
National Geographic Viajes
2014 West Marine Calendar
Paul Vincent Wiseman:  Inner Spaces
Frame of Mind Gallery, Denver, CO
Outdoor Photographer’s American Landscape 2012
Artisan’s Marketplace, Truckee, CA

My current work is on display at Mountain Arts Collective.  Please contact me for pricing and custom processing of any photographs on my website.

Doug Jones
Truckee, California